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Our Philosophy about Mental Health is more than just how we practice clinically - it's our way of being.

Clinical mental health services and consultation with foundations in anti-racism, equity & liberation that focuses on infertility, pregnancy and postpartum challenges for people of all races, genders, ethnicities, and identities. Other clinical services and specialty areas include working with children, youth and families, EMDR, trauma, child development, clinical supervision, and consultation & training on Restorative Justice & Practices for youth in a variety of settings.


Non-clinical services include equity coaching for individuals looking to move toward justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. Coming soon: a number of self-paced online courses for parents addressing prenatal mental health and postpartum transitions. 

Forest Path


In recognition of historical and current harm, racism and systemic oppression, I hold a limited number of spots in my practice that are offered at no cost to those furthest from justice with priority going to Black descendants of enslavement. In addition, up to 10% of my income is allocated to the Wabanaki/Abenaki tribes of Vermont for land use and deep gratitude for the wisdom so freely offered to our colonized communities for hundreds of years. 


These are small tokens of an unpayable debt. 

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