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Where the Passion Begins

Our team is small, but our passion is big. We believe that together we can make meaningful, lasting change and offer you support in your most challenging and vulnerable moments. Everyone deserves support - and we're here to offer ours. 


Kate Littlefield Postpartum Therapist VT

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC)

Kate Littlefield is a queer, white, parent, spouse, child, unapologetically emotional, aspiring liberationist living and practicing on the unceded lands of the Abenaki people now known as Vermont. Kate is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) and licensed School Social Worker with nearly 20 years working with children, youth, families and individuals in a variety of settings from intensive outpatient and community based settings to K-12 public and private schools and childcare centers. 

Kate spent her formative professional years getting intensive training on child development, family systems, community based care, diagnostics, evaluations, and trauma. Kate was certified in the Neurosequential Model (Bruce Perry, MD) and Child-Parent Psychotherapy. She is trained in EMDR and has extensive training in family systems and attachment. In more recent years, Kate has focused her professional development on radical self-love, postpartum challenges, equity and liberation, restorative practices and Health at Every Size (HAES®). Kate received her certificate in Restorative Justice with a focus on youth justice from Vermont Law School in 2023. Kate was has taken advanced trainings in Perinatal Mental Health through Postpartum Support International.

Seeing a significant gap in services for people experiencing challenges with fertility and postpartum mood and anxiety, Kate opened up her private practice focusing on working with these populations in 2023 after years of maintaining a small outpatient practice on top of full-time parenting and working full time in a high school. 

While infertility and postpartum mood challenges are a primary focus, Kate also provides clinical services to couples, families, and individuals on a variety of challenges; consultation and training to schools and organizations on restorative justice in educational settings, trauma; and clinical supervision to licensed and pre-licensed professionals. Kate also deeply enjoys counseling and coaching people in close proximity to privilege (ex: straight, white, upper class folks) in decolonizing their lives at home, professionally, organizationally. 

Benji Soll Therapist


Pre-Licensed Clinician

Benji's meandering path through education lead him to the dual track Master's Program at the University of Vermont where he landed his Graduate Internship for Clinical Mental Health Counseling with Kate while she was working in a large public high school. Kate and Benji had a quick bond over their philosophy despite dramatically different approaches to clinical work. Benji was so clinically skilled that when Kate launched her private practice, she invited Benji to come along part-time while he completed his School Counseling Internship (and hopefully through till full licensure!). 

Benji is particularly skilled at working with youth and their families, and even more talented in his work with youth who are navigating neurodiversity (ADHD, Autism). As a former Varsity athlete, Benji can also support young athletes navigate the challenges and rigor of balancing athletics, academics, family and social demands. Benji is also eager to branch out to explore supporting fathers in parenting and self-exploration. 

Rainbows represent people within the LGBTQIA+ community as well as live births after loss and infertility, known as "rainbow babies". In addition to their significance for my community and own personal journey, rainbows also represent deep healing and hope for me. In a profound period of my own deep depression many years ago, I was sitting in my therapist's office in downtown Burlington as rain was clearing. My therapist said with the utmost excitement and wonder, "Look!" and pointed out the large picture window of the office. I looked out only to see wetness on the glass window, drips from the roof, and broken clouds with a small rainbow tucked in. I didn't get the excitement and I said as much. In fact, I was profoundly annoyed by the sudden interruption and change in subject matter. My therapist said I lacked "joie de vivre" (french for exuberant enjoyment of life) and that could not have been a more true statement. It's been almost 20 years that I've held onto that memory - chasing, finding, grappling with, desperately clinging to, realizing, and exploring my joie de vivre.

Why the Rainbow?

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